Meet Dr. Caldwell

Dr. Caldwell has been in private practice in Millington since 1982.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from U.T. Martin and his degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry in 1976.  He then served three years in the U.S. Air Force Dental Corps, where he practiced general dentistry in a hospital setting.

Dr. Caldwell’s dental office, completed in the fall of 1989, has video monitors for patient informational videos of dental procedures.  Cable TV or movies are also accessible for relaxation and diversion.

Dr. Caldwell believes in a comprehensive approach to each patient’s case.  This means usually from the initial visit each patient is presented a treatment plan that will accomplish complete oral rehabilitation to health and routine maintenance condition.

Procedures requiring surgery are handled in our office.  Dr. Caldwell has a wide range of surgical skills.

Dr. Caldwell is an active member of national and local dental organizations.  He enjoys numerous outdoor activities and staying in good physical condition for a healthy lifestyle in work and recreation.

Dr. Caldwell and his wife, Katherine, have a son, Robbie, and a daughter, Lindsay.  Robbie is an attorney, and Lindsay is a broadcast journalist.